Pastor Mike Hurst
  • I Ezekiel 12:25
  • I Samuel 16: 11-13
  • II Samuel 2:4
  • II Samuel 5:3-5
God is in Control
God is in Control. He has a plan for everything. However, men have free will. And men (and by men, I mean mostly women) want to be in control. We often find it difficult to surrender control from ourselves and give it to God. We also are easily discouraged because things don’t happen in our timing. For instance, if you are a Cubs fan, you have been waiting a long time for God to answer this prayer.
However, God is in Control. He has a plan for everything. And everything will occur in his timing. The more we try and take control of any situation away from God, the worse the situation becomes. When we put our situations in God’s hands, it may not happen the you want it to but it will happen the way it needs to happen. An unanswered prayer is often accompanied by a later revealed reason. And this reason is often revealed at a timing that is perfect.
Rather your circumstances are answered the way you hoped for or not, or rather it occurs when you hope, later on, or not at all, trust in God and know his plan for you is perfect. And remember, it could be worse. You could be waiting for 107 years like a Cubs fan.