Pastor Mike Hurst


Psalms 34:1

“All by Myself…Not”

You are not alone. In every situation you encounter God is with you. There are times when we feel in despair but God is there to face it with us. More than that, God will give you peace and the will to face anything. God will deliver you through any situation but more than this he provides us with the strength to face it. We may not always get what we want but he will always provide us with what we need. The point here is you are never alone.


You leave God. When you are ashamed to pray at a restaurant before you eat because others may see you, God is not leaving you. Or when you are afraid to wear your faith in Christ on your sleeve because you are afraid of what your co-workers may think, God did not make this choice. Or when you are in a situation and you feel the only way it will get handled the right way is if you handle it yourself, God was waiting for you to call upon him. The point here is God wants to be there with you but this must be reciprocated.


We must do what we are simply supposed to do. We need to go to church. There are a thousand excuses we have to not go to church but at the end of the day they are just that (excuses). We need not be ashamed of him in public. You showing your dependence on God will only exemplify to others what they may need in their lives. And lastly, any dilemma you face, big or small, depend on God. The point here is God wants to be with you.