On October 9th 1955, a group of 18 people put up a tent on a piece of land donated by Judd and Robbie Headrick and had the first official meeting of Old Beverly Baptist Church. Two weeks later, the church had their first meeting in their new building (which consisted of a basement).The land is where the TVA property is now.

In early 1958, the church learned that they had to sell the property to TVA. The Church voted on buying a piece of property across the street from a family called the Churchman’s. That is where the church stands today. On April 10th, 1963 Pastor Leslie McCormack proposed the idea of having a homecoming on the first Sunday in June. Over 40 years later, Pastor McCormicks proposal has become a yearly tradition.

     Today, nearly 50 years and 10 pastors later, Old Beverly still stands. A vision of 18 people has continued through the years into what it is today. Although small by today’s standards, there are hundreds of people who Old Beverly has touched. Yet, all glory is given to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!