Pastor Mike Hurst

  • Luke 12: 32
We are all guilty of putting trust in the wrong things. Obviously living in the society we live in today, too much trust is placed on money. We are also bad about trying to place our trust in possessions. The problem is not these things are inherently evil. The problem is we begin to place more trust in these items than we do in God. This is when these items, and any other thing we place more emphasis than our Lord and Savior become problematic.
We cannot take these things with us when we go. The person who dies with no money but has God in their heart will live eternally in a mansion and the person with millions and a mansion here who does not have God will spend eternity in torment. Moreover, these material items we have placed so much confidence in are tough to obtain and can be taken away instantly. However, God WANTS to give you the pleasure of the Kingdom of Heaven and your salvation CANNOT be taken away.
Many of us are already saved and have that eternal salvation. Yet, we are guilty of still placing too much trust in material items or doing things we know we shouldn’t be doing. We have no idea when God is coming back. There is a good chance it will be before the Cubs win a World Series but that could be a thousand years from now. We must live like he is coming back today.