Pastor Mike Hurst

  • John 3: 16-18
  • Matthew 13: 47-50
He Loves You This Much
 Most parents would give up their lives for that of their children. Some will give up their life for another loved one. Few would give up their lives for a stranger. And virtually none would sacrifice the life of their child for someone who doesn’t even know who they are.  This is what God did for us. He loves us so much he sacrificed his son for the sake of the world’s salvation.
Furthermore, every Christian has something to praise. Even if you do not have money, “stuff”, or going through a trial, you still have Christ who loves you so much he gave up his role of a God to come to earth, be criticized, beat, tortured and then die for you. You also have the unequivocal assurance you have eternity in Heaven.
This gift is not “free”. Your offering must be to accept these actions as fact. To accept you are a sinner. To acknowledge that as a sinner, you are bound for hell. And to ask Jesus into your heart so that his death atones for your sins. When your time comes to die (and it could be today), if you have not done this.. Jesus did not die for you. You are unworthy of Heaven and are headed to Hell.