Pastor Mike Hurst

  • Luke 14: 28-30
Have you ever considered purchasing a house “as is”? Often the potential purchase is greatly discounted because of previous wear and tear and is purchased because the buyer can see what “as is”.. “can be”. In other words we weigh the potential investment and determine if the “can be” is worth the investment of rebuilding and money we will put into it. Sometimes we will pull the trigger on purchasing an as is and determine the investment needed is far greater than we bargained for. Sometimes rather it be from cost or time we give up on turning it into what “can be”
Thankfully, Jesus Christ purchased us “as is”. Furthermore, weighing the “as is” verse the “can be” plays no part in his investment in us. No matter if you are a murderer, drug addict, liar, cheater, or whatever part of you that you are ashamed of, Jesus Christ invest us “as is”. And he immediately begins working on rebuilding us. However, as long as we are of the flesh, the rebuilding project last our entire lives.
We will never be perfect, but the more we allow Christ to continue to work on what we “can be,” we will continuously see our lives and the content of our character improve. God never gives up on us. He will never determine the investment has become too costly or time consuming. He says his son has already determined we are worth the investment and if we accept Jesus into our lives, God will reveal what we “can be”.