Pastor Mike Hurst
Mark 5:1-20
Are You Crazy?
There are some crazy people out there. People do all sorts of crazy things. We jump out of airplanes, swim with sharks, and race cars just for fun. There are people who still cheer for the Cubs despite a century of disappointment. There are people that do and say things that the only reaction one can think is “He (or she) must be crazy.” There are criminals, murderers, and worse.
But the most crazy thing anyone can do is to know Jesus died for you and not accept his salvation. By rejecting this salvation you have an unclean spirit. If you choose to have an unclean spirit you will spend an eternity of unrelenting torment in a place where the torment literally steams from the pit. There is no end nor let up in the suffering you will endure.. And if you die today with this unclean spirit this is your fate.
The other option is simply accept Jesus as your savior and instead of an eternity of torment you will have an eternity in Heaven. An eternity to be in the presence of God and where there is no pain or suffering. And if you die today and your spirit is cleansed, this is your fate.
There are people that have the choice between an eternity of torment or an eternity of Heaven and they choose the prior. This is crazy.