Pastor Mike Hurst
Matthew 21:1-11
As Palm Sunday approached, Jesus made his final entry into Jerusalem. As he made his way into town, people cheered and worshiped him a mere 5 days before they would spit upon him and crucify him. But Jesus knew what was to come. He knew he would be disgraced, tortured, and eventually killed (albeit temporary).
But why would Jesus knowingly walk into Jerusalem knowing what was to come?
First and foremost, Jesus loves you and came to this earth to be the sacrifice for our sins. This was preordained. The only way we will enter Heaven is if he did this and he knew this. But there is more to it. Many things happened because Jesus died for us. He died so that through him we can have a more fulfilling life (although slightly less fulfilling if you are a Cubs fan). He died so that through him we can have direction. He died so we can talk directly with God; he became our direct line to God. Jesus died for You, so YOU can have a personal relationship with him.