Pastor Mike Hurst
Luke 2: 16-20
Jesus is Born
After the shepherds were told of the birth of Jesus, the Bible says they made haste to the birth site and began to worship baby Jesus. Not only did they rush to worship Jesus but they also proclaimed and “made known abroad they saying which was told them concerning the child.” And what must have been going through Mary’s mind as she knew her baby was sent to be sacrificed for the sins of man? Surely as any parent knows, there was the thought to now allow this to even happen. To take her baby and get out of dodge. But she didn’t. She obeyed the word of God.
Jesus Christ died for all the sins every committed or ever will be committed. But the payment is not accepted until we accept Jesus. We must make haste before it is too late. When God commands us to do something and make haste. In other words, treat your worship for God like the shepherds did. When God commands you to act, act quickly and boldly.
As Mary obeyed God despite perhaps the strongest urge to not, so should we. Doing what God ask of you will not always be easy but it will always lead in the greatest possible outcome.