Pastor Mike Hurst

  • I Samuel 17: 40-51
Underdogs? Not with God!
 David stood before his giant. He appeared to be over-matched, under-sized, and under equipped. He was mocked by Goliath for his size and lack of armor. Yet, he responded to the giant with, “I come in the name of the Lord.” David emerged victorious and the entire Philistine army fled.
We must face our giants in the same manner. We may not face literal giants (unless you’re about to battle Harold or Brad). But we do face obstacles each day. We do encounter circumstances that can be overwhelming. Alone, you will lack the confidence, resources, and knowledge to defeat whatever situation. However, by putting your unequivocal faith in God to help you defeat your giant you will be given the assurance to know you have already won.
We often wonder why we must face these giants at all. God has irrefutable knowledge. He knows what we need. We may need to learn something that we can only learn. Each obstacle we face and put our trust in God, we become more confident to put our trust in God in subsequent obstacles. Whatever the reason, when we learn to put our full trust in God when facing our giants, we will prevail.