Pastor Mike Hurst


  • Romans 7: 14-25
  • Exodus 17: 8-16
Spirit Vs. Flesh
We are all bound to make mistakes and do or say something we wish we could take back. We are constantly at battle with the flesh and lose focus on what matters. Too many things cause us to lose focus and get deflected and enables the flesh to wage victories on this constant battle. It is when the flesh wins these battles that we make mistakes. Temptation is an obvious distraction. Problems we encounter everyday also can lead to a regretful choice when we try and handle these circumstances ourselves. And simply being busy and losing focus leads to victories of the flesh.
There are some keys to a spirit victory. First, keep focus on God. This is the most obvious but sometimes the most overlooked strength to defeating the flesh. Also, you are not alone. Obviously God is with you but you have other Christians who are willing to lift you up. Next, realize we are all sinners and we will all mistakes (Even Mike). A setback can be overcome by refocusing on God. Don’t let a mistake snowball into many more. Lastly, you are not in control of anything other than your decision to follow Christ. God is in control of everything and if you choose to follow Christ with the one thing you can control, God will overcome.
The Flesh vs. Spirit battle is a constant one that will be waged until the day you enter Heaven. There is a battle everyday that will see Satan throwing something at us everyday but God will win the War. And by keeping your focus on God, the spirit will overcome the flesh in your life.