Aseer Rompagu


  • Genesis 39: 1-12
  • Genesis 50:19-20

What Counts?

Even when things are going wrong in your life, it can be God working on you for a greater good. An example of this can be seen through Joseph. Joseph went through many trials but it led him to the throne.

1. What counts is not what your remember but what you choose to forget- Joseph forgave his brothers who wronged him and sold him to slavery.

2. What counts is your Character. With God your a Hero; Without him your a Zero- God with was with Joseph throughout his entire ordeal and Joseph obeyed. Conduct without Character is hypocrisy and Character without Conduct is disobedience.

3. What counts is not the way we are on the way up but how we are on the way down. Joseph was obedient during the hard times which led him to the top.

4. What Counts not what you get in life but what you give. With each praise of greatness that Joseph was shown, he gave the glory to God.

5. What counts is not what you know but who you know. Knowledge about God and to Know God personally is what led Joseph to greatness.