Pastor Mike Hurst

  • Luke 8: 41-56
Help is on the Way
 Prior to his daughter’s illness, Jairus had been critical of Jesus. However, as his daughter drew closer to death it became apparent to Jairus that only Jesus could heal his daughter. As Jesus made his way to Jairus’ daughter he was held up by performing another miracle by healing the bleeding lady and the daughter appeared to have died. Jairus advised not to trouble Jesus because it was now too late. Of course, Jesus arrived anyway and revived and healed Jairus’ daughter.
This mirrors the attitude sometimes taken toward Jesus now. We often shun Jesus or can be critical he will actually intervene in our lives. Only when we come to the realization that through God is the only way we can improve our lives do we realize it is time to call upon him. And when we watch the situation of others around us improve while we remain muddled in our current situation it is easy to become frustrated and think God is not helping in our lives. The problem is we are giving up on him too soon. Help is on the way and God will handle everything in his timing.
Sometimes things may not turn out the way you want them to. However, rather you see it or not, they will turn out the way it needs to.