Pastor Mike Hurst
  • Luke 2:1-7
  • Luke 1:26-37, 34-35, 56
Mary Did You Know
 As God informed Mary she was pregnant with Jesus she must have known the road ahead would be a challenging one. Of course many would doubt she was still a virgin. However, this is one of the most important aspects of the birth of Jesus. Mary was not polluted with the dirtiness of mankind. If Mary is not pure, then this birth is nothing special. She knew Joseph had the power at this point to consider their engagement contract void and he could have had her killed. However, she knew God would not put her in this position only to have her killed without giving birth to the Son of God. And of course, God took care of this by sending Gabriel to inform Joseph of what is going on.
Of course, the most salient emotion is that she was pregnant with God in human form. She was pregnant with God who would be entering this world as a flesh and blood man. And this flesh and blood would be spilled to save the world. As they made their way to Bethlehem, and discovered there was no room for them at the inn, How must have Mary felt to know that the Almighty King would be born in a manger?
From this, we must learn from Mary that sometimes we will be put in a position that we do not know how we will be used and may face adversity along the way. However, despite the adversity, we will be used. And just as the inn had no room for Jesus, we are often not leaving room for Jesus. However, no matter how unpure we think we are, If we open up even a small part of our hearts (the manger of our hearts so to speak) Jesus will do great things in our lives.