Pastor Mike Hurst
  • Genesis 6:3
  • Numbers 14:18-23,30-32
  • Numbers 14:39-45
The Strive Within
A person cannot be saved unless the Holy Spirit is dwelling on the person to be saved. One cannot simply wake up one day and say “I think I will be saved today.” Likewise, one cannot say, “I am going to get saved in a few years when I do the things I want to do first.”
There are many right now,  who have the holy spirit tugging on their hearts and pushing them to be saved. However, they choose to ignore this call because they are enjoying doing what they are doing. Sin is fun and can help the flesh overcome the spirit in the desire to be saved. There are others who feel in order to be saved, they need to correct some things in their lives. They feel as it stands right now, they are not living a life worthy to be saved. However, does anyone ever wait until they are feeling better before going to the doctor? No!! They go to the doctor when they are sick to feel better. A lost person is sick and Jesus Christ is the great physician.
It can be too late. God can see that the flesh overcomes the spirit and this will not change. The spirit tugging on your heart will go away. And again, you cannot be saved unless the spirit is calling you to be saved. And Yes, it is possible for the spirit to leave you and never come back. So if you can feel the spirit calling on you now.. Stop what you are doing right now and answer this calling!!