Pastor Mike Hurst
  • Ephesians 4: 21-24
  • Acts 9: 1-6
  • Acts 2: 14
  • Acts 2: 41
  • Matthew 9:9
  • Ephesians 4: 1-6
New Year but is it a New Beginning?
 We do it every year. We set a new goal, we make a new resolution, and we tell ourselves this year is going to be the year of transformation. We say this is the year of our “new beginning.” This is the year we will lose weight. This is the year we will pay off our debt. This is the year we will come to church every Sunday. This is the year we will read our bibles from cover to cover. Yet, the majority of the time we fail to meet these goals and things continue to stay the same.
The only way to undergo a true transformation that is truly life changing is through Jesus Christ. This is evidenced through men like Saul and Matthew. These men went from ungodly Christian haters to some of the most useful tools for God in the history of mankind. And this was not done through the change of a date on a calendar. This transformation took place through Jesus Christ.
This is not just for the lost. Christians can go astray. But the beauty of our Lord and Savior is he loves us despite our imperfections and no matter what we have done in the past he will still not only forgive us but can transform our lives and use us to glorify him. And perhaps now more than ever, we must let our transformation show. A porch light on in the daylight can go unnoticed. But the same light in the middle of the night is a very bright light. The world is getting dimmer. Our transformational lights will stand out more in today’s world.