Pastor Mike Hurst


  • Luke 10: 25-28

“One Way”

There is no way to earn your way into Heaven. There is no way to buy your way into Heaven. You cannot fight your way into Heaven. You cannot sneak your way into Heaven. You cannot travel to Heaven. You cannot take another one’s place into Heaven. No human can take you to Heaven. Nor can someone that cares for you do the requirement for you to get you into heaven. The sacrifice of an animal or another human cannot get you into heaven. Your parents nor can your children can take you to heaven. Billy Graham, Buddha, Religion or being a good person cannot get you into Heaven.

The only way into Heaven is through Jesus Christ.

Once you are saved by Jesus you are saved eternally. This cannot be stole from you. This cannot be beaten from you. This cannot be lost or misplaced. This cannot be purchased from you. You cannot forget this. You do not have to work to keep this or pay to keep this (although you should be giving 10% of your time and money). There is no need for human sacrifices (and this will land you in jail.. but still cannot take your salvation). Your bad deeds will not take this away. You cannot give this away. Your health and mind can deteriorate to the point of near death but this will remain and with each passing second is only a second closer to the moment you enter the Kingdom of God.