Pastor Mike Hurst


Love Conquers All

Genesis 27:41

A lot of the hate we inherit is rooted in jealousy and envy. We often don’t like a rival sports team because they are good. We don’t like people who cut us off in traffic because they are ahead of us. We are often envious of people who are perceived as more successful than ourselves in work, school, or life in general

This has been going on since the days of the bible. Joseph’s brothers were jealous of his coat because it was a symbol of a greater love from their father. Satan was jealous of the love God showed toward Adam and Eve. Even the crucifixion was started by people who were envious of the attention Jesus was getting.

Envy and Jealousy are two of Satan’s most powerful tools. How can one overcome envy and jealousy? With Love! If a loved one played for that rival sports team, you would then cheer for them. If a loved one is the one that cut you off in traffic, you would be more forgiven. Instead of being jealous of the one who is more successful in work, school, or life, we are proud if it is a loved one. In fact we even desire these things for our own children over ourselves.

Why? Because love can overcome jealousy. Love can overcome Envy. Love can overcome hate. Love can overcome Satan!

The issue is we live in a world of hate, jealousy, and envy. The only way to smother this out is with Love. And the only way to smother yourself with Love is with Jesus Christ!