Pastor Mike Hurst


“He Died For ALL”

  • Luke 23: 32-33
  • Luke 23: 34-43


Imagine being the thief who was crucified with Jesus that asked for forgiveness. He surely heard of Jesus prior to his capture and being sentenced to death. Then while waiting for his own execution he sees Jesus coming toward him carrying his cross.

The first thing the criminal hears is Jesus saying “Forgive them because they don’t know what they are doing.” This must have been an overwhelming feeling to see a man who the city had been celebrating less than a week earlier, a man who had done know wrong, a man who is being taunted and beaten. And the first thing he sees is Jesus ask for his tormentors forgiveness.

It comes clear to this thief that this man must truly be who he claims and ask Jesus for forgiveness.

This thief had done bad things throughout his life. He had done enough to be sentenced to death. Yet a lifetime of bad could still be saved at the very last moment by the power of Jesus Christ.