Pastor Mike Hurst


“Stand for Something”

  • I John 15:18-19
  • I Kings 18: 41-46
  • I Kings 19: 1-4

Stand for Something

As the world hated Christ, a Christian will have people that hate them. A Christian stands for something that others do not believe in. A Christian lives a life that is dedicated to Christ. A non-christian lives for themselves. The world today is at a point that it does not agree with Christian beliefs. When someone stands up for something they believe in (moral fiber, God in work & schools, praying in public,, etc.) they are attacked. When Christians stand up for something they are against (premarital sex, gay marriage, etc.) they are treated as unaccepting people of hate when the opposite is true. Because of this many people sit down and remain silent.

Christians have sat still long enough. God has been taken from many schools, work, print, courts, and leaders. Do you really think the freedom to worship on your own time is safe? How long is it before the churches we drive by or see everyday offends someone for what they stand for and our very right to church is threatened. Morals have taken a decline throughout the years. Christians have went from being the majority attacked by the minority to the minority with their very existance being threated by the majority. Christian rights and beliefs will not be suddenly taken away.Small step by small step something that opposes Christian beliefs are being taken away because there are not enough Christians standing up for what they believe.

As the world hated Christ, they will hate Christians. However, Jesus did not simply sit and remain quiet because he was afraid of the resistance he face. Instead he stood stronger because of the love he had for you. Do not sit and remain silent because you are afraid of what you may face. If you feel you are truly representing what God wants you to stand for, what do you have to fear?