Pastor Mike Hurst


  • I. Matthew 27:27-31
  • II. Matthew 27:  32-61

The Crucifixion

After being up all night, being beaten, tortured, and was unrecognizable, he was forced to carry the cross. The burden of the weight of the cross became so great that a stranger from the crowd was forced to help him. He continued to face beatings and torture up until he was crucified. At one point he was offered a drink of wine and vinegar to lessen the pain but Jesus refused. He did this not only because he was shedding blood for our sins, but he was also bearing the punishment for them as well.

While Jesus was hanging from the cross, he was taunted by soldiers that if he was truly a king, to remove himself from the cross. However, he was not there to save himself, he was there to save us. While Jesus was being crucified, darkness fell over the land for 3 hours during the day. It is during this time that Jesus became sin. God was unable to look upon his only son. Jesus felt forsaken and alone. After being tortured the night before, beaten the day of, going through nearly undescribeable torture on the cross, and being in the dark and alone, he still had the strength to command his soul to God.

As he died, an earthquake took place. The temple veil was ripped from top to bottom. Graves were opened and dead saints were raised.