Pastor Mike Hurst


“Whose path are You Following?”

  • Numbers 22:10-12
  • Numbers 22:15
  • Numbers 22:22-31
  • Numbers 22: 32-34

Balaam was headed to a place where he knew The Lord did not want him to go. He was using hid Donkey as transportation. 3 times the Donkey saw God blocking the path 3 times and halted. Balaam did not see God blocking the path and each time would beat the donkey. Finally, God allowed the Donkey to speak. He asked Balaam why he continued to beat him. Balaam responded that the Donkey was mocking him. To which the donkey asked, Am I not the same donkey that has transported you time and time again with no problem.. why else would I stop. Balaam knowing the Lord did not want him to go where he was headed deduced it was God stopping him.

We often do things we know that God does not approve of. Despite continued intervention to try to veer us back on the correct path we continue to head the wrong way. The more we head down the wrong path the more painful the correction can be.

Sometimes, we are like the donkey. We know Christ and will follow him at times. However at other times instead we try to follow other Christians, leaders. friends, etc. instead of following God. The problem is sometimes other Christians, leaders or friends are headed down their own wrong path and taking us with them. We all need to have our own personal relationship with Christ complete with the path and goals he wants for us. This leads to a greater more abundant life.