Pastor Mike Hurst


“Ask and it Shall be Given”

1 Kings 3:5-13

God came to Solomon and offered to give him anything he wanted. Instead of asking for riches, fame, a long life, the life of his enemies, or a Cub’s World Series, he asked for a wise and understanding heart so that he may better serve the throne.

Because Solomon did not wish for anything selfishly, God gave him the wisdom and understanding he asked for and also gave him the riches and honor he did not ask for.

We often wish for our own desire instead of trying to discern the true will of God. If we all truly wished for a wise and understanding heart to simply better serve the will of God it would be granted. If we use this knowledge and understanding and put it into action we would be blessed tenfold like Solomon.

Eventually Solomon started to fulfill his own desires and things fell apart. The country would ultimately split and the punishment would fall upon his son. Likewise when we choose to fulfill our own desires you will eventually be punished. God may allow it to happen but eventually it will cost you or those you love most.