Pastor Mike Hurst


“Jesus Heals on Sabbath”

Luke 13:10-17

The women who was healed on the Sabbath was doubled over in pain. Yet she heard Jesus call for her, listened, followed instructions, and was healed instantly. She answered the call of God and it changed her life.

God is often calling us to do things. When he calls us for salvation, we are sick. When we answer the call of God, we are healed instantly. God is constantly calling us. He calls us for salvation, he calls us to witness, he calls us to take actions. When we listen and answer the call, we are blessed.

After Jesus healed the lady, some leaders questioned Jesus for healing on the Sabbath. There is no day that God cannot heal. There is no day he cannot help. There is no day he cannot save. Jesus is operating 24/7 365.