Pastor Mike Hurst


“Nothing in This World For Free”

Ephesians 2:1-9

We have all received offers for free food, free service, free vacations, buy one get one free and just about free anything you can imagine. But there is always a string attached. The free food comes with a purchase of an entree. The free service comes wth the 10th visit. The vacation comes with half of it listening to a sales pitch. The truth is nothing of this world is free. However Salvation is free because Jesus has already paid the price of Salvation.

Jesus has already paid the price for every sin that has or will ever be committed. The only “string attached” is that you say yes, that you accept Jesus Christ as your savior. Salvation is not for sale. You cannot work your way to earn salvation. It is free and the only way to earn it is to accept the free gift. If a stranger offered a million dollars with no strings attached we would all probably accept it so why not accept the free gift of salvation that is worth more than a million dollars. This debt has already been paid!!!