Pastor Mike Hurst


Greatest Gift

  • I Phil 4:19

Do you get everything you want for Christmas? Christmas is a great time for giving and receiving gifts. One of the greatest feelings is giving someone just the perfect gift. Of course it is always great to receive a much wanted gift. There is also the interesting times when we receive  an odd gift but the face we have to pretend like it is the greatest gift of all. And then there is the misused gifts (like preacher Mike using his BB Gun shooting birds when he was a kid and having his new awesome gift taken away).

There is nothing wrong with giving or receiving gifts and the Christmas season is a great time for this. What cannot be lost however, is the gift that is truly needed can only be given by God. Salvation is not gonna be wrapped in a box or waiting underneath the tree. Only God’s salvation can provide all our NEEDS and can only be supplied through Jesus Christ. This gift is not unwanted and comes with no fake smile. This gift cannot be taken away. In short, God Provides the greatest gift of all.