Pastor Mike Hurst


True Story

  • Revelation 19: 6-9

The Bible is fact. It is not fiction. It is not folklore. It is cannot be construed in different ways. When the Bible says we will have a “marriage supper of the Lamb,” all Christians who are saved by the blood of Christ will have this actual feast.

When the Bible says Jesus Christ died for your sins.. This means an actual man who was the son of God, really walked the earth, really performed miracles, really took the weight of every sin you ever committed or ever will commit, and took them to the cross for you. He really died for You. This is not a story. THIS REALLY HAPPENED!!

When the Bible says we will face Jesus and be judged for all of our sins, We will literally be presented for every sin we have ever committed. And if you have not been saved by the Blood of Christ, you really are going to Hell.

But, if you are saved.. after really answering for all of you sins, The light of Jesus will literally wash them away as you are really welcomed into Heaven.