Pastor Mike Hurst


  • I. Matthew 26:20-30
  • II. Matthew 26:36-56
  • III. Luke 22:41-44

The Arrest

Prior to Jesus being arrested he went into the garden alone and prayed. He knew what was to come. He knew he was to face the burden of every sin ever committed past and present. He reveals the spirit is strong but the flesh is weak but after God reveals this is the only way Jesus accepts his fate.

He returns to the disciples and finds them asleep when they were supposed to be on guard.

Judas arrives with the guards and kisses Jesus to signify to the guards which man is Jesus. Peter slices one of the guards ears, but Jesus stops him and heals the guards ears. Then all the disciples, realizing what punishment they may face, flee.

Looking at it through the eyes of Jesus, he had to confront God about the fears he faced, finds his most trusted followers asleep when they are supposed to be looking out for him, gets betrayed from a loved one with a kiss, protects and heals one of the guards who will arrest him and torture him, and see all the men who has spent years following him run away from him.. All while facing the torture and execution he was about to face.

Jesus did this for You.