Pastor Mike Hurst


“Don’t Shoot the Messenger”

  • Ephesians 2:8-9
  • 2 Kings 5:1-27

Naaman was a Gentile and a leper. He was told of God by a child. He went to Elijah who was a Jew and was told what he needed to do by a messenger of Elijah. Instead of following the instructions provided, he was wroth with anger. He was told by his servants that he should follow the instructions provided. Ultimately he would follow the simple instructions and would be be cured. After being cured he praised God. He was totally changed. Elijah would also take no gifts.

This story is a good picture of Salvation. We are similar to the Gentiles in that we are not of the Jewish faith. But Jesus died for all who calls upon him. Typically we find out of Jesus through a witness of Christ similar to the way Naaman was informed by a child. We then seek out salvation. Someone will advise of the steps of Salvation similar to the messenger who told Naaman what he needed to do to cure his condition. And like Naaman, we sometimes feel the simplicity of salvation cannot be enough. And like Naaman had his servants, we often have loved ones or church family to urge us to follow the simple instructions. Once we follow those simple instructions, we are saved, we are truly changed. And like Elijah accepted no gifts, Salvation is free.