Pastor David Rhines


“Jesus Already Knows What He is Going to do”

Romans 5:1-6

When Jesus died for us we were instantly given 7 gifts.

Peace- Even when you are going through hectic trials and tribulations, we are still granted peace with understanding that God will deliver us through it and make us stronger because he knows what he is doing.

Access- Through Jesus Christ and the work he is has done we have the access to God’s presence. Jesus provided us a direct path to God. Jesus knew what he was doing.

Grace- Grace is the unmerited favor of God. We do not deserve the grace of God. It is a free gift from God that nobody else can take from us.

Hope- Hope turns into the expectation that God is going to take care of whatever problem we may face. It may not turn out the way we want but Jesus knows what he is doing.

Love of God- God so loved the world he gave his only son. By Jesus dying for us we were given the Love of God. Jesus knew what he was doing.

Holy Ghost- God gave his holy spirit so we have eternal life. He is with us, lives in us, abides in us and makes intercession for us when we mess up. He knew what he was doing.

Strength- Because we have access to God, the hope & peace God gives us, Because of the grace of God that also gives us the Love of God, and because we have eternal life through the Holy Ghost we have the strength to face whatever comes our way. Jesus knew what he was doing.