Pastor Mike Hurst



Heb 11:1, Acts 2:41, Acts 4:13, Matthew 14:25-29, Luke 8:43,44, John 14:2-3

Faith is your trustworthiness in God. When you sit in a chair you have faith in that chair in that it is gonna hold you. Putting this same type of faith in God gives you amazing results. Faith gives you salvation, Faith gives you courage, faith gives you the ability to do things you normally cannot do, faith can heal you, and faith gives you hope.

It is your faith in that Jesus Christ died for you that leads you to Salvation. It is your faith in Jesus that he will be there when you stand for him that gives you courage. When Peter walked on water it was because his faith in Jesus that he was able to do so. In Luke 8, the lady whose illness was cured just by touching the garment of Jesus was done so by her faith. Our faith that Jesus is coming back again gives us the hope we need to face the world everyday.