5/18/14- “Crowded”

Pastor Mike Hurst

  • Matthew 21
  • Matthew 27: 24-25


We have time for work. We have time for TV. We have time for family. We have time for fun. We must make time for the most important thing.  It is imperative we make time for God. Not only should we be making time for God. We must make God the most important thing in our lives. God should come before our spouses, children, jobs or anything else.

Sometimes the issue is our lives become crowded with these other things. We don’t mean to cut God out but we are so busy trying to take care of these other things we do. The irony in this is making time for God is the most simplistic approach to a better fulfillment in these other task. By putting God first you will have more love for your family. Putting your faith in God will ultimately give you peace in any work situation, any bill, any stressful situation you encounter.

Sometimes you need to demonstrate patience. Sometimes your answer will not happen immediately. And you may not always get what you want but you will get what you need. But God wants to hear from you. Place him first, make time for him, and earnestly try and follow his will and you will have a better fulfillment of life.